iRingtunes 2.3

Easily design and transfer ring-tones to IPhone devices
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iRingtunes is an iPhone Ringtone Creator for Mac and Windows. Users can take any song from their iTunes library and make it a ring tone. The program allows selecting only the desired fragment from a song, and then makes it a ringtone ready to be transferred.
The program couldn’t be any simpler; it consists of a single window which lists all the music from iTunes. At the bottom the user has to choose the part of the song where the ringing will start and then the part where it will end, nothing complex.
In addition, users will find a search box at the top of the iRingtunes window enabling to quickly filter songs and list by album, artist or a song title.
On the downside any copy protected songs like the ones purchased from the iTunes Music Store cannot be used to create ringtones. The trial version has been limited to only allow the creation of 3 ringtones, instead of a limited period of time.
iRingtunes is a handy program, it will save users the need of searching online for the ringtone or using audio editing software which is not that easy to handle.

Max Santillana
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  • Simple to use
  • Select precise duration
  • Search function
  • Converts song to proper format
  • Transfers ringtone to iTunes library


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